Hole House Codes: Unlock All Characters, Movies and Scenes

Recently, Hole House v0.1.56 has been launched with a wide range of exciting features, allowing players to access a diverse range of in-game items through exclusive Hole House Codes, enhancing their gaming experience.

In order keep its supporters ahead of the curve, The Hole House on Patreon offers them with special Early Access to game updates, which are planned twice a month. This exclusive access gives users access to new Charters, unique scenarios, extra wardrobe items, creative movement, and other positions.

Hole House Codes Benefits:

Unlocking the potential of Hole House Codes offers numerous benefits, measured in points, enhancing the gaming experience.

  1. Exclusive Access offers players an early advantage by accessing exclusive in-game items, scenes, and features. Early Access, available to Dot Art channel on Patreon, provides access to game updates twice a month, ensuring players stay updated. New characters, scene unlocks, extra clothing items, innovative moves, alternative positions, user voting influence, and Hole House Codes provide additional points for players.
  2. New characters add diversity and depth to the gaming universe, while screen unlock broaden the immersive experience. Customizing characters with clothing options showcases unique style and creativity. Innovative moves add strategy and excitement to gameplay, while alternative positions add unique twists to the narrative. User voting influence allows players to shape the game world by voting for favorite items.
  3. User Voting Influence allows players to vote for favorite items, influencing the next update. Hole House Codes provide an element of mystery and excitement, allowing players to gain an early advantage in the game.

The game’s evolving narrative is enhanced by the inclusion of points, providing a dynamic and rewarding experience for players.

Here are some of the benefits of the Hole House Codes used in the game.

  1. Free Characters Unlocked
  2. Free Shopping
  3. Early Phone access with updates
  4. HoleHouse Patreon Only Access
  5. No Need to Vote for the next character, All Characters are unlocked for you.
  6. Unlocked office door
  7. Unlocked Ground Floor Hallway Door

Some new features added for those who have the working HoleHouse Codes.

  • Power added for everyone
  • New outfits Doggy added for everyone
  • Missionary on desk added with the redo speed slider
  • Pantyhose was added for everyone On a side
  • A New double-throttle scene was added with a speed changer
  • Other characters Yorha 2B and Shego
  • Unique outfits for albedo and aqua added for Dgy.
  • A New House carnival-style background was added to every scene
  • Rope outfit for finger scene
  • Lots of new characters for new scenes
  • Speed changer added to cowgirls grinding scene as test
  • New backgrounds for the girl’s room and scenes

All HoleHouse Code Scenes:

Here is the list of scenes that you can get unlocked if you use the correct codes in the game:

  • Velma Scene 1
  • Velma On Desk
  • Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Velma Ride (In Office)
  • Velma Doggy (Office)
  • Samus Scene 1
  • Samus On Desk
  • Samus Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samus Ride (In Office)
  • Marge Scene 1
  • Marge On Desk
  • Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Zelda Scene 1
  • Zelda On Desk
  • Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Zelda Ride (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Scene 1
  • Kim Possible From Below (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Scene 1
  • Raven On Desk
  • Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Raven Ride (In Office)
  • Raven Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Hand Job (Office)
  • Samsung Sam Scene 1
  • Samsung Sam On Desk
  • Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samsung Sam Ride (In Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Scene 1
  • Gwen Stacy On Desk
  • Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office)
  • Harley Quinn Scene 1
  • Harley Quinn On Desk
  • Harley Quinn Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Scene 1
  • Peach On Desk
  • Peach Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Peach Doggy (Office)
  • Jinx Scene 1
  • Jinx Ride (In Office)

All HoleHouse Codes & Potions for April 2024:

To enter the following Hole House Codes you need to go into your Phone in the game. Then select the Option app on the second screen. There is the option to enter the codes given below.

  • fill me up daddy paw_beans uwu = 999999 Potions, Coins, Diamonds, Level, XP
  • fuzzy doubloons = 999999 Coins
  • shiny stones = 999999 Diamonds
  • level 1 crook = 999 Levels
  • i had sex yes = 999999 Experience (XP)
  • gotta buy milk = all characters pregnant

More Codes updated for More potions (Secret easter egg codes) for the iOS verison.

  1. G5G74W9D
  2. Y3U2K1R7
  3. Z8H6P5X2
  4. C9N4J1F8
  5. A7T5E2V9
  6. F4K7W3L6
  7. X8M2Z1B4
  8. Q6R9J3F5
  9. P7K4H8T2
  10. H1M5Z7B3

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